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Eos Airlines Features and Club 48 Rewards

Eos LogoEos Airlines has been in business for a little over a year now. In that time, they have raised the bar for business class flights between New York and London.

Pre-flight, Eos takes care of their customers with car service to the airport and expedited security clearance. They recommend arriving at the airport a short 45 minutes before departure time. That certainly beats sitting in the lounge for an hour and a half. A representative of the airline will assist passengers with luggage, security and clearing customs upon arrival.

Eos SmallThe Boeing 757 aircraft used by the airline are fitted with 48 privacy suites with 21 square feet per suite and fully horizontal 6’6″ beds. That should work for pretty much anyone who isn’t an active NBA superstar. Every passenger has aisle access, eliminating the need to disturb another passenger mid-flight. In addition, guests receive full size pillows, sleep suits on eastbound
flights (I’m not sure what that means), down comforters, Bose® noise canceling headsets, and turn down service with chocolates.

The airline is currently introducing a new amenity to help passengers sleep with “Bedtime Beats™ – The Secret to Sleep™.” Partnered with Rhino Entertainment and Smash Arts, LLC, Eos intends the new program to induce better sleep with soothing music. “Based on findings of a scientific study identifying music that cycles at 60 to 80 beats per minute (similar to the human heart rate) as the optimum for relaxation, – Bedtime Beats was specially created by Rhino Entertainment and Smash Arts with a roster of classical music that matches this range.”

Guest’s have room to dine face to face with another passenger if they desire or Eos offers guests scheduled for evening flights to London the option of enjoying a gourmet meal at JFK’s Emirates Lounge to maximize time for sleep in flight. In the morning, guests can request breakfast ‘to go’ to allow for an additional 45 minutes of beauty rest.

Club 48 Rewards

Club 48 offers members unrestricted travel on any major airline, to any place, at any time (no blackout dates, guaranteed), travel aboard Eos, luxury merchandise, exceptional experiences, and more. NOBODY else has that great of a deal going. Eos representatives convert the airline ticket cost to points and debit the member’s account. Hotels and resorts may also be booked with or without air travel. According to the website, events such as an evening at the GRAMMY® Awards, a luxurious weekend at an English country estate hotel, the Finals at Wimbledon or golf on a private New York-area course. can be arranged as well. Same deal with converting dollar amounts to points and debiting the account.

In addition to rewards, Club 48 lets you create a secure profile, including travel preferences (such as seating and meal choices), travel document information, payment preferences, contact information and more.

Rewards seem to be much more difficult to earn than standard programs, as they have no mileage partnerships such as hotels and car rental services. However, miles redemption is MUCH more flexible with this program than with any other.