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Eos Airlines Improved Club 48 Program

Eos AirlinesEos Airlines, the all business class airline with service between New York and London’s Stansted airport, has upgraded its loyalty program to provide even more benefits to the passengers willing to shell out the dollars for their excellent service.

Now, each Club 48 member can earn up to 11,250 points on qualifying fares. The airline claims this is double what you’ll earn by flying a traditional carrier, which sounds about right. However, you are paying for it.

Points can be redeemed for luxury merchandise, exceptional experiences, travel aboard Eos, or unrestricted travel on other carriers. Eos guarantees no blackout dates, but that doesn’t mean awards seats will be available on all flights.

“Our new Club 48 is designed for all those premium travelers who very much want to try Eos, but haven’t yet because they are wedded to a traditional carrier’s frequent flyer program – and we know there are many,” commented Adam Komack, Chief Lifestyle Officer. “Now everyone can fly Eos Class and get more points and better rewards.”

Bonus Levles: Eos offers three bonus levels for frequent customers.

Orion: Guests who fly 10 segments or earn 75,000 points will obtain Orion status. They will receive a Priority Pass, which provides annual access to over 500 airport lounges worldwide, and earn an additional 25,000 Club 48 bonus points.

Thea: Guests who fly 20 segments or earn 150,000 points will be promoted to Thea status. With Thea status, guests will earn an extra 50,000 bonus points and 50% more points on subsequent flights through the end of the following year.

Helios: Guests who fly 30 segments or earn 250,000 points will achieve Helios status and will receive an additional 150,000 Club 48 bonus points plus double bonus points on subsequent flights also through the end of the following year.

For more information about Club 48, or to book Eos tickets, please call 800-598-2169 or visit