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Europe’s White Nights (And Hungover Days)

White Nights is an all night par-tay and cultural event held each year between the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Events are held in public areas and all events are free. The schedule for this year is as follows:

  • August 25, 2007 – Riga, Latvia
  • September 8, 2007 – Rome, Italy
  • September 22, 2007 – Madrid, Espana
  • September 29, 2007 – Brussels, Belguim
  • October 6, 2007 – Paris, France

    Here is a list of the rules, shared by the participating cities:

    • The Notte Bianca is a cultural event, open to all with no admission charge, held each year between the end of the summer and the beginning of autumn and lasting one whole night.
    • The Notte Bianca privileges contemporary creativeness in all its forms; plastic arts, screenings, music, theatre, circus and innovative performances.
    • The Notte Bianca presents public areas in all their aspects such as locations that are usually closed or abandoned, suburban areas as well as prestigious locations that are part of the city’s historical legacy, revisited by the artists in an original manner.
    • The Notte Bianca allows the organizing cities to reflect together on the current evolution of metropolitan nights and to provide adequate services and organizational models.
    • The Notte Bianca is an opportunity for promoting “low-polluting” forms of mobility: bicycles, trams and pubic transport in general, river boats.
    • Notte Bianca encourages inter-exchange between suburban areas and the city centre.
    • The cities that are partners in the “European Notti Bianche” have decided to organise each year a common artistic project with the objective of promoting an inter-exchange of experiences at a European level.

Via TravelPost Insider.