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Expandable Garment Bag from Flight 001

Expand-a-Garment BagFlight 001 offers something handy for travelers in the Expand-a-Garment Bag. This nifty product is an expandable garment bag for your clothing or suits you may need to take on business trips. Well, once you’ve worn the suit, there is no need to keep it on a hanger in a garment bag to keep the wrinkles out – especially when you have your roller board with the rest of your clothing.

Flight 001’s Expand-a-Garment Bag will fold up into a small pouch once you’re finished using it. It can then be tucked away in your suitcase so you have fewer things to keep up with on the return trip. I LOVE products that fold up in to handy travel size pieces, such as my anorak in a bag and my Baggaleni Zip-Out Backpack in a Pouch. This is just one more that I’m sure I could use.

The Expand-a-Bag measures 9.5″ X 7″ closed and 21″ X 42″ open. You can get it in black, green or navy for $25.