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Febreeze To Go Fabric Refresher

Febreeze has made a name for itself in the household industry by de-funking your smelly clothes and furniture. That’s been a big help for soccer moms and pet owners around the world, but the company is ready to expand in to the travel market. Great move, considering the various travel odors that arise like airplane smell and sweaty jogging shoes being locked in that little roller board with your nice, crisp clothes.

The nice people at Febreeze, or their P.R. people anyway, sent me a sample of the new Febreeze To Go. I’ll tell you what, my cross trainers have never been fresher. Seriously, if you’ve never used it give it a shot. It takes away bad smells, and replaces them with…nothing. It wont even clash with your perfume.

Airplanes smell bad. Everyone knows that. And you might carry a faint whif of that with you when you leave. Rather than taking some sort of old school Polo bath where you drench yourself in cologne to cover the smell, you can neutralize the odor with your Febreeze To Go.

What makes it “To Go?” Simple. They packaged the regular strength, knock the smell out Febreeze in to a TSA compliant travel size bottle. It’s 2.8 ounces, and long and slender. It will fit nicely in your baggie next to the rest of your liquids.

Suggested retail price is $2.00 for a single or $4.99 for a 3 pack.