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First Class on Delta Air Lines

firstclass_deltadomesticWith the cost-cutting measures employed by many airlines in recent years, one of the changes some carriers have adopted is that they no longer offer both Business Class and First Class on the same flights. Some flights have one, some have the other, but they’re not likely to have both. Delta is one of the carriers that has done this – on their international flights, the highest class is called BusinessElite, while on domestic flights you can still fly First Class on Delta Air Lines.

Because Delta Air Lines only offers First Class on domestic flights, you won’t find the same kind of luxury that’s available on long-haul international flights – no lie-flat seats or privacy walls – but you will find an increased level of comfort from what you’d get in Economy Class. Do keep in mind that some of the features of domestic First Class on Delta that are listed below will only be available on certain routes.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats recline further than in Economy Class, but don’t recline fully to a “bed”
  • Seats are wider than in Economy Class
  • Leather seats available in First Class

Food & Beverages

  • Complimentary cocktails, wine, and other beverages
  • Complimentary meals from a menu custom-designed by a celebrity chef
  • Complimentary snacks, including ice cream truffles
  • Meals served with real china, silverware, and glassware


  • Each seat has personal video screen with on-demand movies, TV programs, and games
  • Entertainment system includes live TV and HBO programming
  • In-flight internet access via GoGo (various pricing options to choose from)

Other Amenities

  • First Class passengers get the use of special pillows and blankets not available in other classes
  • On flights between New York’s JFK airport and both Los Angeles and San Francisco, the top class available on Delta is the more luxurious BusinessElite

photo by garyhymes, all rights reserved – used by permission