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First Class on Etihad Airways

first_etihad1Etihad Airways is one of the airlines that has taken flying First Class to a completely different level. The regular experience of First Class on Etihad Airways is all you could hope for in terms of comfort and amenities, but there’s even a step above First Class seats – Etihad is one of the airlines that has what it calls “suites,” which are essentially mini-cabins within the First Class cabin. Fly in one of those, and you may never want to get off the plane.

The “suites” on Etihad are called Diamond First Class Suites, whereas regular First Class is Diamond First Class. Most aircraft in the Eithad fleet still have just Diamond First Class, so that’s the cabin configuration that will be detailed in the list below. However, since the Diamond First Class Suites are so luxurious and desirable, you’ll find information about what they’re like (and what flights have them) at the bottom of the post.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats recline to fully-flat position (horizontal to the floor)
  • When reclined, seats are 6′ 8″ long
  • Seats are partially enclosed by a “shell” design which acts as a privacy screen when the seat is reclined

Food & Beverages

  • Menu is a la carte, and passengers may have as much or as little as they like
  • Passengers may dine whenever they like, and are not restricted to specific meal times
  • Selection of fine wines available to complement each meal
  • Seats rotate 180 degrees so you can turn around and have a meal or a meeting with a partner or colleague


  • Each seat has a personal 23″ video screen with on-demand movies, TV shows, video games, and audio programming
  • Passengers can make use of noise-cancelling headsets while in flight
  • Each seat has outlets for iPods and laptops

Other Amenities

  • Complimentary amenity kit designed by Ferragamo includes slippers and sleepwear
  • 600-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, blankets, and full-sized pillows are available for each passenger for maximum comfort when sleeping
  • Each seat has a personal mini-bar for quick refreshments

first_etihad2Diamond First Class Suites on Etihad are, as mentioned above, like mini-cabins within the First Class cabin. They have sliding doors at the aisle that can be closed for maximum privacy, but even when they’re open these suites afford the most personal space of any cabin configuration on Etihad.

Seats in the suites are upholstered with Poltrona Frau leather, recline to a fully-flat position (horizontal to the floor), are 6′ 8″ long when fully reclined, and are wider than even the regular First Class seats. Your entertainment options are the same as those listed above, although the 23″ screen in the suites is widescreen for an even better viewing experience. Meals are identical to what is listed above.

The First Class Suite on Etihad is found only on A340-600s and A330s on specific routes; if you’re intent on flying in a suite, be sure to find out whether your route is one that has them on board.