First Class on Gulf Air

Some airlines are not content to call their upper class levels of service things like the straightforward “First Class.” Some airlines give those cabins special names to make passengers flying in them feel even more exclusive. Such is the case with Gulf Air. First Class on Gulf Air is also known as Falcon Gold, a reference to the airline’s gold falcon logo.

Gulf Air’s First Class cabins are truly luxurious, with extremely spacious and comfortable seats and all the amenities you could ask for to make even long-haul flights easier to handle. Falcon Gold First Class on Gulf Air includes what are called “sleeper seats” on the long-haul flights, and that is the cabin configuration we’ll focus on for this list.

Seat & Bed



  • Sleeper seats recline to fully flat (horizontal with the floor)
  • Seats are semi-enclosed by plastic shells for increased privacy (especially when reclined)
  • Each seat has aisle access with a 1-2-1 seat configuration
  • Ottoman doubles as a seat for a companion to join you for dinner or a meeting

Food & Beverages

  • Sky Chef service has won multiple awards for airline food
  • Team of more than 100 Sky Chefs work on board flights to prepare meals individually for passengers
  • Menus include Middle Eastern and European cuisine options, plus Arabic mezze
  • Selection of fine wines and liquor is available on each flight


  • Each passenger has personal 15″ video monitor
  • On-demand entertainment includes 21 channels, with movies, TV shows, and audio programming
  • Each seat has a power outlet for plugging in a laptop

Other Amenities

  • Complimentary amenity kits are available on overnight flights
  • Bedding on overnight flights includes luxury pillows (larger than average) and blankets
  • Sky Nanny service is available for children flying in First Class