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First Class on Hawaiian Airlines

first_hawaiian1Some might consider a ticket on Hawaiian Airlines a first-class adventure as long as the plane was heading toward the islands and not away from them… But if you’re looking for that additional oomph in your air travel experience, then flying First Class on Hawaiian Airlines is a good way to get it.

The cabin configuration on Hawaiian Air’s First Class cabins differs depending on whether you’re on a short hopper between islands or flying long-distance, but in this article we’re going to focus on the long-haul flights (since those are the ones where you’ll actually be in the air long enough to enjoy more of those First Class perks).

It’s worth noting that Hawaiian is, at least at this point, one of the few airlines left that provides free food and beverage service in all classes – including coach – on all flights. Not only that, the menus in coach are designed by the same award-winning chef who designs the First Class menus. Still, if these amenities don’t make up for cramped coach seats, then here’s what you can expect from Hawaiian Airlines First Class.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats are 18.5 inches wide and recline more than coach seats
  • Seats do not recline to lie-flat or fully-flat beds for sleeping, but are significantly more comfortable than seats in coach
  • It’s not possible to retract or move armrests completely out of the way as on some First Class seats

Food & Beverages

  • Menu designed by award-winning Hawaiian chef Bev Gannon, of the Hali’imaile General Store restaurant on Maui
  • First Class menus include Hawaii Regional Cuisine, dishes using local Hawaiian ingredients
  • A Hawaiian “tasting menu” is available, meaning passengers choose from 5 entrees on a flight and can choose up to 3 entrees per flight


  • Each First Class passenger receives a digEplayer to use during flight, free of charge
  • digEplayers are pre-loaded with hours of movies, TV shows, audio books, and music
  • Noise cancelling headsets are available for each passengere, free of charge