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First Class on Korean Air

Korean Air is one of many airlines currently undergoing an upgrade in its First Class service, and from the look of the new First Class cabins you should be very pleased if you get on a plane with the upgraded seats. But still, even the old First Class on Korean Air is quite nice – and the service itself is going to be consistent across any flight, whatever the cabin configuration.

The list below goes over the features of the new and upgraded First Class cabins on Korean Air, where the seats are called “Kosmo Sleeper Seats,” but underneath this list you’ll also find information about what the old (or, in many cases, current) First Class cabins on Korean Air are like.

Seat & Bed

  • Kosmo Sleeper Seat reclines to fully-flat position (horizontal with the floor)
  • Each seat has aisle access
  • Seats recline to 6’6″ when fully reclined
  • Seats are more than 21″ wide
  • Seats are enclosed by a plastic shell that provides increased privacy, especially when reclined, and non-window seats also have a retractable screen between them

Food & Beverages

  • Meals created by First Class chef include Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western course menus
  • Selection of fine wines available on every flight
  • Meals served on fine tableware


  • Each seat has personal 17″ LCD monitor
  • Monitors have on-demand video and audio programming, including 50+ films, 50+ short documentaries, and 3000+ songs
  • High-quality headsets provided for each passenger, made by Sennheiser

Other Amenities

  • Passengers on long-haul flights to America, Europe, Oceania, or the Middle East receive comfortable in-flight clothing
  • Flight attendants can provide wake-up calls at any time a passenger requests
  • Most aircraft feature power outlets at each seat (you may need an adapter for your plugs)

One step up from the Kosmo Sleeper Seat is the Kosmo Sleeper Suite – but these “suites” are, as the Korean Air website says, “dedicated to VIP passengers.” The seats are even longer when fully reclined than the Kosmo Sleeper Seat, and more than 5″ wider. Between the partial shell enclosing the seat and a retractable screen, each seat can become like a mini-suite with a remarkable amount of privacy. Each “suite” has a 23″ LCD monitor with the same on-demand programming listed above, and “suite” passengers get Bose noise-cancelling headsets.

One step down from the Kosmo Sleeper Seat is Korean Air’s First Class Sleeper Seat. These seats are more akin to what you might find in a First Class cabin on a domestic flight – the seats are wider than in coach, they recline further (but not to a fully-flat position), and there are personal entertainment systems at each seat.

With the Kosmo Sleeper Suite, you can expect the level of service overall – including the amenities and the meals – to be the same as what’s outlined above. On flights with the First Class Sleeper Seat, however, the number of amenities and quality of the meals isn’t likely to be as high.