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First Class on Lufthansa

first_lufthansa1_picnikAs one of the world’s airline giants, Lufthansa is one of those carriers you’re likely to fly on at some point in your life – especially if you’re flying to Europe from somewhere far, far away. Lufthansa operates on a huge hub-and-spoke system where its main European airport is in Frankfurt, Germany, but if Frankfurt isn’t where you’d like to be don’t worry – Lufthansa can get you to just about every other airport in Europe, as well as major cities all over the globe for that matter.

And if you’re flying First Class on Lufthansa, it’ll get you there in style.

Since Lufthansa may be best known for its long-haul flights, it’s not surprising that so many people are interested in what amenities are available in Lufthansa’s First Class cabins. Although Business Class on Lufthansa is nice, but why not indulge in some First Class luxury if it’s available?

First Class on Lufthansa’s shorter flights isn’t as nice as First Class on its long-haul flights, and in some cases First Class may not even be an option. So in this article we’ll cover what’s available on those long flights.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats are wide, and recline to a bed that is 2 meters long
  • Seats recline 180 degrees to a fully-flat position for maximum comfort
  • On some planes, legroom is expansive enough that it could fit a whole other airline seat
  • Seats on the upper deck of Boeing 747s offer the most comfort

Food & Beverages

  • Menus are created by top chefs from around the world
  • Selection of premium wines available on every flight
  • Menus change every two months to reflect seasonal ingredients


  • Each seat has personal video screen with on-demand movies, TV shows, audio books, video games, and music
  • Each seat has a power outlet (fits most plugs without need for an adapter)
  • Entertainment comes in several languages, & even includes language-learning courses

Other Amenities

  • First Class passengers can take advantage of special services in select airports, including limo service in a Porsche
  • Children in First Class receive a kid-centric reusable amenity kit, including kids’ toiletries