First Class on Singapore Airlines

Widely regarded as the best airline in the world, Singapore Airlines makes even economy passengers feel like royalty. Imagine, then, your experience flying First Class on Singapore Airlines. You may never come down off that high.

There are two different levels of First Class on Singapore Airlines, and the list of amenities is stellar in both of them.


The pinnacle of the world of First Class are the Singapore Airlines Suites – which are, as the name suggests, a private cabin on an airplane. In fact, Singapore Airlines doesn’t even regard these cabins as First Class – they say the Suites are “a class beyond first.” Indeed.

They’re only available on the Airbus A380, and there are only 12 of them on a plane. And if you’re one of the privileged few who can afford them then you’ve probably got someone else who can read this website for you, too. Still, since these things are what travel dreams are made of, here’s what the rest of us are missing.

Seat & Bed

  • Largest Singapore Airlines seat ever, 35 inches across
  • Hand-stitched Italian leather
  • Stand-alone bed (not converted seat)
  • Full-sized pillows, fine linens, turn-down service

Food & Beverages



  • Menus exclusively created by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel
  • Selection of fine wines
  • Givenchy-designed tableware


  • Full in-cabin entertainment system
  • On-demand video includes 100 movies and 180+ TV shows
  • Music library includes 700+ CDs and 20+ radio channels
  • Power supply, USB ports, and headphone connection

Other Amenities

  • Sliding doors & window blinds offer complete privacy
  • Full-length closet for hanging clothing
  • Comfortable lounge area opposite armchair, with table between, ideal for meetings or meals for two
  • Givenchy-designed pyjamas, Ferragamo-designed toiletries
  • Large bathrooms with full-size mirrors

First Class

After reading about the Singapore Airlines Suites, you might think their “ordinary” First Class pales in comparison. But as you’ll see, essentially the only difference between the Suites and Singapore Airlines First Class is the walls enclosing a private cabin – most other amenities are the same.

Seat & Bed

  • Largest Singapore Airlines seat ever, 35 inches across
  • Fine-grained leather upholstery with Mahogany wood trim
  • Seat converts into a bed (Singapore Airlines says it’s the “largest in the sky”)
  • Fine linens, large pillows, and a duvet for the bed

Food & Beverages

  • Creative meals prepared by “world-renowned” chefs
  • Selection of fine wines
  • Extra virgin olive oil and truffle oil available
  • Givenchy-designed tableware


  • Personal 23-inch LCD screen with 1280×768 pixels
  • On-demand movies, TV programs, and music
  • Surround-sound and noise-cancelling headphones

Other Amenities

  • “Vanity corner” with mirror for freshening up
  • “Writing kit” including postcards and envelopes is available
  • Turn-down service
  • Givenchy-designed sleep suits, Ferragamo-designed toiletries

In many ways, a flight on Singapore Airlines in First Class could be all the vacation you need.