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First Class on Thai Airways

When it comes to traveling in style, if being able to fly in First Class isn’t enough to satisfy you, then look for airlines – like Thai Airways – that give First Class passengers the royal treatment. In fact, Thai Airways even calls its First Class level of service “Royal First Class,” so you know you’re on the right track already.

Even without such a moniker, however, First Class on Thai Airways would be the height of luxury in the sky.

There are a couple different aircraft in the Thai Airways fleet, but the main difference between their First Class cabin configurations is only how many seats there are in First Class. The seats themselves and all the services provided are identical. So the list below is what you can expect when flying First Class on Thai Airways, regardless of the type of airplane you’re on.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats recline to a fully-flat position (horizontal with the floor)
  • Seats are nearly 7′ long when fully reclined
  • Seat movement (including reclining to a bed) is electronically controlled
  • Seats have partial shell walls for privacy
  • All seats have aisle access
  • Ottoman across from seat can be used as a second seat for a dinner companion or business meeting

Food & Beverages

  • Menus are designed by an award-winning chefs
  • Meals feature highlights from Thai, Oriental, and “classic Continental” cuisine
  • Passengers are greeted with a glass of champagne or other fine wine upon boarding
  • Most long-haul flights departing from Bangkok have an on-board “chef on call;” passengers can order special meals in advance of the trip


  • Each seat has personal video monitor and remote control
  • The Audio/Video On Demand (AVOD) system has movies, TV shows, video games, language lessons, kids cartoons, and audio programming
  • Each seat has power outlet and personal telephone

Other Amenities

  • On 6+ hour flights, complimentary amenity kits include “comfort wear,” pajamas, eye shades, and slippers
  • All complimentary amenity kits include top-brand toiletries
  • First Class lavatories have linen towels and top-brand toiletries
  • For sleeping comfort, blankets and pillows are made with fine linen