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First Class on United Airlines

first_united2United Airlines calls its First Class service “United First,” which is either clever or obvious – or both. Either way, the service itself is great. Flying First Class on United Airlines means you get to take advantage of benefits before, during, and after your flight.

Before a flight, First Class passengers can speed through check-in and board the plane before anyone else. Beverages are served before the plane even takes off, and even alcoholic beverages are complimentary. All that is just the basic level of services, and on long-haul flights across the U.S. or on international flights, it just gets better from there.

Seat & Bed

  • On long-haul transcontinental and international flights, seats are lie-flat (not horizontal to floor, but completely flat) – only airline to offer these on domestic flights
  • Some flights have “suites,” with small dividers for privacy around each seat

Food & Beverages

  • Four entrees available on the First Class menu designed by Chef Charlie Trotter (some flights have 5-course meals available)
  • Premium wines and liqeurs available
  • Traditional Japanese meals on flights connecting the United States & Japan


  • Each seat has a personal video player with a choice of at least seven on-demand movies (more on some flights), and some flights have video games
  • As many as 40 audio stations are available
  • Noise-reducing headsets are available

Other Amenities

  • There’s a special “Express Dine” service on flights leaving after 4pm for Europe so you can eat and get to sleep sooner
  • On international flights, complimentary toiletry kit by Murad

A ticket on United First Class also entitles you to the “United Arrivals Suite” where it’s available – these give you an opportunity to shower, freshen up, have breakfast, and catch up on business in your arrival airport in a relaxed way.

photo at top by Alan Light, second photo from United website