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First Class on US Airways

first_usairwaysUS Airways is considered by some to be a budget airline, and to others it’s in the same family as big legacy carriers like United and American. Budget airlines don’t typically have classes on their flights other than coach, so in that regard US Airways isn’t a budget carrier – depending on the flight and the aircraft, you’ll find both Business Class and First Class cabins. But despite those names, the upper class cabins on US Airways aren’t as luxurious as they can be on other airlines – so in that respect it may be more akin to a budget carrier.

No matter what group you put the airline in, if you’re looking for more perks than you’ll get if you buy an Economy Class ticket, then everything you need to know about flying First Class on US Airways is listed below. We’re covering what you’ll find in long-haul First Class cabins, since that’s usually the best of the best, so keep in mind that if you’re on a short-haul flight your First Class amenities are likely to be different than what you find detailed here.

And if you decide this list of perks isn’t good enough for you, then remember US Airways is part of the Star Alliance, so you can fly on any one of those partner airlines and still be earning miles in the same family.

Seat & Bed

  • On the most upgraded aircraft, seats recline to fully-flat beds, horizontal to the floor (earlier versions of the cabins have seats that recline deeply, but that don’t even recline to lie-flat beds)
  • Seats range from 19.5-20.5 inches wide

Food & Beverages

  • Menu options only available on flights longer than 3.5 hours, between the hours of 5am and 8pm
  • Choices vary depending on the route, but US Airways says their First Class meals are “healthy and delicious”
  • Menus are changed on a monthly basis to include seasonal ingredients
  • Selection of fine wines, beer, and cocktails are available


  • Personal video screen at every seat
  • Power outlets for laptop at every seat

Other Amenities

  • First Class passengers have special check-in counters at the airport
  • First Class passengers also enjoy priority seating as well as priority baggage handling

photo by Ack Ook