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Fish Jones in Bucksnort: Trout Fishing in Tennessee

TroutBucksnort Trout Ranch in Bucksnort, Tennessee. You can make a stop over in this tiny town between Memphis and Nashville for some pond-stocked trout fishing if that’s your thing.

Gear is available or you may bring your own. Fish are iced for transportation and for an extra charge you can have them cleaned and filleted. You pay for the fish by the pound. The website says “No Throwbacks” so you’re stuck with what you catch.

I kind of imagine some employee scuba diving in the bottom of the ponds attaching the fish to the lines. I’m not sure, but I hope they have clever t-shirts like “I Caught a Whopper in Bucksnort.”

I think it’s WAY better to take a weekend off and go to the White River in Northeast Arkansas, but this place will take care of your fish jones if you have one.