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Fitness on the Road: Working-Out in Your Hotel Room

Miracle FitnessEvery good road warrior knows it’s harder to keep in shape your first year of travel than it is your first year of travel. Hotel fitness centers usually suck, and their open hours aren’t necessarily in-tune with the travelers needs. But just because you hate the treadmill doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. I’ve suggested before several options, including snowboarding, the Big Dam Bridge, indoor climbing centers and Centennial Park. And I’ve given you some pearls of wisdom for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now I’m going to pass along the brilliant advice from Joey Atlas Fitness Resources. His tips are supposed to be for the home, but can be easily adapted for your hotel room.

  1. Develop this mindset: Fitness is not a leisure pursuit. It’s an obligation and a means for you to protect the gift of life you have been given.
  2. Create a simple home gym with a little bit of space and a floor mat for core exercises.
  3. Learn compound leg exercises, such as the touch-down, that do not require fitness equipment.
  4. Perform daily flexibility and stretching exercises for increasing energy and injury prevention.
  5. Use the floor mat for abdominal exercises and thigh exercises that provide a smart foundation for a more advanced fitness program.
  6. Incorporate butt exercises and stomach exercises that do not require weights or exercise machines.

Free exercises are available through

I cant stress the importance of the floor mat. Not to think badly of the hotel cleaning staff, but who wants to lay on that dirty carpet? You never know what kind of bacterial critters may be lurking there. If you’re a road warrior, it’s super easy to stick your yoga mat in your trunk. If you’re flying, I really don’t know what to tell you. Be creative.

Via PRWeb.