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Flamingo Las Vegas GO Rooms

Flamingo HotelThe Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada was recently awarded by the Hospitality Design Awards for Creative Achievement for their new “GO” Rooms.

These new rooms were recognized as finalists in two categories: Hospitality Debut and Mid-Range Hotel.

What’s so great about these rooms?

The Flamingo “GO” Rooms offer elevated accommodations with modern décor and technologically advanced amenities. Sleek guest rooms feature innovative bedroom and bathroom designs as well as state-of-the-art entertainment systems. The “GO” Room concept was a creative collaboration between the Flamingo Las Vegas and Cagley & Tanner, an interior design firm headquartered in Las Vegas.

“We approached the design process with the idea that the Flamingo owns pink.” [Hehe! I wonder what Victoria’s Secret thinks about that statement?] said Don Marrandino, President of Flamingo Las Vegas. “From that initial concept, we developed a unique design that pays tribute to the architecture of the legendary 1940s resort with a modern edge that focuses on musical elements and state-of-the-art technology.” Does that mean the rooms are all pink? My friend Amy would love that…

Anyway, it’s something to consider for your next convention.