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Flight Explorer Tracks Flights and Terminal Information with Its Revamped Site

Flight ExplorerFlight Explorer launched their revamped flight tracking information website yesterday. Flight Explorer offers real-time flight status information, airport information, security checkpoint times, on-time performance history, seat maps, flight tracking and Rally Caparas’ blog with travel tips and information.

What is the difference between Flight Explorer and FlyteSoure, which I profiled several weeks ago? The biggest difference is mobility. FlyteSource Mobile is….mobile. It is specifically designed for mobile devices, where Flight Explorer doesn’t appear to be very mobile friendly. Of-course you can access Flight Explorer on your phone using Opera Mini or a similar browser, but it just doesn’t live up to the ease of use found with FlyteSource.

Flight Explorer is free, FlyteSource will set you back a whole $3.99 a month. If you fly very often, I’m sure you’ll agree that under $4.00 is a VERY REASONABLE price to pay for having quick access to flight information.

FlyteSource doesn’t have a celebrity, Flight Explorer does (Rally Caparas, or Rally Cap for short, from CNN). I really think aligning your company with a celebrity is a desperate attempt to gain marketshare. What they really need to do is create Flight Explorer Mobile. If they did that, they could compete.

If you’re still in the office or the hotel or if you don’t fly often, I can see where Flight Explorer would have it’s place. But on the road, I don’t think FlightSource can be beat.
Via PRNewsWire.