International Flight Tracker

While tracking international flights is no trickier than tracking domestic flights, it can be even more important – whether you’re thinking about your own flight connections or trying to time your trip to the airport right to pick up a friend or family member. This international flight tracker will give you up to the minute status information on almost every flight on almost every airline out there.

If you need to know more about how to use this tool, scroll down and you’ll find instructions just underneath the international flight tracker itself. And for links to flight trackers of specific international airlines, scroll down below the instructions for use.

How to use the flight tracker if you know the flight number:




Simply choose the airline from the drop-down menu, enter the flight number, and click on the Find Flight button. This live flight tracker will instantly inform you of the status of the journey, including real-time flight maps, and useful historical data of how frequently that flight is on time or late.

How to use the flight tracker if you don’t know the flight number:

If you don’t know the flight number, you can still use this airline flight tracker by selecting both the departure and arrival airports, and then choosing from the list of flights that match your airport pair. If one of the airports isn’t on the drop-down menu you can still bring up flight tracker information if you know the 3-letter airport code.

International Airlines Flight Trackers

Here’s a list of some flight trackers for airlines that are based outside the United States.

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