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FlightStats Mobile Offers Flight Tracking on Your Cell Phone

FlightStatsFlightStats recently launched it’s new mobile application, FlightStats Mobile. The mobile app lets users track flight status, departures and arrivals, airline information, airport information and security wait times from the comfort of their own cell phone all over the world. This is great information to have, as it can prevent you from arriving at the airport hours ahead of time when your flight is delayed. Wouldn’t you rather spend an hour longer at the indoor climbing center or Graceland or the Art Institute than sitting in the airport? Sure, who wouldn’t. This program can help you make it happen.

To use the application, type in to your mobile browser. Most browsers automatically include www. You’ll have to delete this before FlightStats can be accessed.

In addition, you can have proactive alerts sent to you by email or text message. Visit, register for an account (don’t worry, it’s free and they don’t require a lengthy process), check flight status and once you’ve found your anticipated flight, sign up for alerts.

FlightStats Mobile combines the best of both worlds in mobile flight tracking. It’s free, like Flight Explorer and it’s mobile, like FlyteSource-Mobile.