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Fly Girl Travel Bags – TSA Compliant Toiletries Gear

Fly Girl Travel BagsFLy Girl has created a petit travel bag, along with tiny containers for ladies on the go who have to deal with the whole TSA compliance 3.4 oz. liquid laws. I travel A LOT, and believe me you really can get by. And they’re reusable bottles, so they’re much more environmentally friendly than buying “travel size” bottles of your favorite products each time you head to the airport.

The travel bag travel bag is 8″ x 6″ and made of sturdy vinyl. It includes Two 2 oz. slim squeeze top bottles, Three 1 oz. squeeze top bottles, One 1 oz. fine mist sprayer, Four 1/10 oz. cosmetic jars, a plastic spatula (not sure about that one), two extra squeeze disk tops, a toothbrush and both pre-printed & blank labels. It looks like there is a little extra room for other products as well.

From the website:

As a frequent flyer, I always insist on carrying on my bags. Prior to 9/11, check-in was easy. Boarding passes and seat assignments could be obtained on-line making it easy to go right to the gate. When the new TSA rules restricting liquids in carry-on luggage went into in effect, I believed I was forced to check my bags in order to bring along my favorite beauty products.

Fly Girl Travel Bags 2This has nothing to do with the products, but this is the second thing I’ve seen today blaming increased airport security on 9/11. Granted that was the major event to change the aviation industry forever, but the liquid restrictions have been put in place in the last year as a result of a different attempted terrorist attack. The 3.4 oz. rule has nothing to do with 9/11. In addition, I saw an article about the horrid passport backlog that is disrupting travel for thousands of Americans. Also, a rule put in to place this year, indirectly but not directly related to 9/11. It isn’t a huge deal, but it’s strange to me. I think the phrase has just been incorporated in to our culture that it is blamed for everything, while subsequent terror plots are just passing news.

I have not tried these products myself, the information I am providing is coming only from the website. Orders of more than $25 are shipped gratis, which is always nice.