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FlyLite Luggage Delivery Service

LuggageFlyLite, one of many newly founded luggage delivery services, offers something a little different from the standard “we’ll pick up your luggage and ship it UPS to your hotel room” service in the wake of liquid bans and increased security and decreased luggage allowances, provided everything goes as advertised. FlyLite offers REMOTE WARDROBE MANAGEMENT for business travelers on the go. Hmmmm….

How does it work? First, you register for the service. Then, FlyLite sends you a suitcase. You fill the suitcase with clothing and send it back to FlyLite. FlyLite cleans, catalogs and stores your clothing. When planning a trip, you log on to the secure website and “order” the clothing you need for the trip. FlyLite then sends the clean clothing to your hotel. At the end of your trip, you contact FlyLite to arrange for pick up at the hotel. They receive it, clean it and store it for your next trip.

Standard service requires 48 hours notice, but deliveries can be made to most locations in 24 hours.

How much? Remember, you’re paying for the cleaning AND the convenience of NEVER HAVING TO PACK YOUR BAGS, as well as the time you save at the airport. The initial set up fee is $500, trip prices start at $100 for round trip service thereafter.

Via The Lobby.