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Frontier Airlines Fresh Meal Options

I’m really tired of all of the airline bashing that’s going on these days, almost as tired as I am of hearing about gas prices or anything to do with the election. So, I’m really happy to have this opportunity to pass on some positive information to you guys. Our bankrupt friends at Frontier Airlines, you know – those guys with the crafty pictures of animals on their rear wings, are changing up your inflight dining options with some tasty new choices. Tasty for airline food, anyway.

As of July 1, Frontier will you the option to purchase fresh sandwiches, salads and fruit cups on select Airbus flights provided by Denver-based Udi’s Handcrafted Foods. No, it still isn’t free. But at least it isn’t going to pack on the pounds like standard airline meals.

The sandwiches and salads will be available on day and evening flights to all east coast cities, Anchorage, Costa Rica and Mexico. The sandwiches will cost $6 and the salads will cost $7, which seems a little bass ackwards to me. The fresh fruit cup will be a bargain at $3 and will be available on select flights traveling 540 miles or more outside of Denver. Frontier currently offers a selection of snack mixes from Colorado-based Mountain Man and Udi’s Granola for $3, which will still be available. Wow, Frontier, those are a lot of rules to remember.

“This is just another step Frontier Airlines is taking to give its customers the best travel experience possible,” said Frontier’s Vice President of Infight Services, Cathy Bradley. “Udi’s is a well-known and well-respected Denver-based company that provides a superior product to its customers. These fresh, gourmet sandwich, salad and fruit cup options will be a great addition to the Frontier in-flight experience.”

Frontier recently began offering Rockstar energy drinks in Original and Roasted Latte flavors on all flights for $3. Dasani bottled water will now be available on flights traveling 540 miles or more outside of Denver for $2. I guess you go thirsty on shorter flights.

All food and beverages can be purchased by credit or debit card, which is a huge bonus in my book. Really, who carries cash these days?

Udi’s Handcrafted Foods

We all know who Frontier is, but who is this Udi? Udi’s Foods is a Denver based company that opened its doors in 1994. In a little over a decade, Udi’s has grown to include 6 separate businesses making great food by hand. Those six businesses are a catering business, a bread bakery, a Granola bakery, a pastry bakery, a gluten free bakery and two restaurants, all in the Denver area. So Denverites can feel good about supporting a local business. Udi’s Granola is now available in all 50 states.