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GetThere Airline Upgrade Excuses

Golf ClubsGetThere recently published a hilarious press release. Sure, it was shameless self promotion, but at least it added some entertainment value. GetThere is an online business travel technology provider, who works with Travelocity to provide corporations and government agencies with a way for employees to book travel and plan meetings online. So you can see where they would take the brunt of employees trying to get the upgrade.

The fine P.R. folks at GetThere recently polled travel managers to find the greatest excuses given by travelers to get the upgrades.

The number one answer (and my personal favorite) is this: “I upgraded to First Class because I can’t afford the drinks in Coach.” That is AWESOME! I mean, what executive can afford to put up a fiver for the vodka tonic on the way to the meeting?

Without further delay, here they are:

1. “I upgraded to First Class because I can’t afford the drinks in Coach.”

2. “Do you know who I am? If you did you would not ask me why I travel First Class.” Sounds like my old boss.

3. “I had to rent a full size car in order to carry my golf clubs.”

4. “I am allergic to peanuts and that is all they serve in Coach, so I had to upgrade to First where they have almonds.”

5. “I had to stay an extra day because I can’t fly with a hangover.” Also a stellar excuse.

6. “My dog is booked in the climate control hold on the flight and I need to sit in First Class so I can hear him bark so I know he’s OK.”

7. “Isn’t Boston on the way to LAX?” (Passenger lives in Las Vegas and wanted extra mileage points.) Hehe!

8. “I have a doctor’s note that states I have to fly First Class.” I could totally score one of those from my doctor back home.

9. “I’m claustrophobic, so I need to fly First Class in order to get off the plane first.”

10. “I accidentally booked a flight to Paris, France instead of Paris, Texas.” Ooopsie!