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Getting Crunk. Crunk, Tennessee

Crunk LimoWhen I saw the name Crunk come up on my GPS, I thought it was some sort of joke being played on me by the makers of my map program. When I saw the retro limo for sale on the side of the road, I really couldn’t believe it. But it does exist. It’s right there in Middle Tennessee, Northwest of Nashville between Chestnut Grove and Chestnut Orchard. Don’t expect to find a Welcome to Crunk sign. Believe me, I looked. I bet they used to have one and it kept getting stolen so they haven’t replaced it. Don’t believe me? Want to find it? It’s at: 36°25’26″N 86°53’37″W. I couldn’t find anything else on the city (except its location on mapquest), but it’s out there.