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Gift Giving for Business Travelers

As we close in on the end of November, it’s time once again for business travelers the world over to get busy with their holiday shopping.

There’s no doubt a long list of clients and customers for whom you need to buy gifts, and for them we have this long list of business travel gift ideas. If you’ve got travel lovers on your gift-giving list, or if you particularly love the “travel” aspect of your job and are looking for ideas to fill your own wish list this year, we have a few other suggestions.

  • How do you feel when you scan the technological elements of your office? Are you in need of an upgrade to any of the electronic tools you use to do your job? Or do you know anyone who needs a new piece of equipment to make their work or life easier? These gadget gift ideas are well worth considering – and many of them are just plain fun whether they’re truly necessary or not.
  • Have you spent many years working long hours in the hopes that you could take some time off and travel for awhile? Have you heard about the new trend of “career breaks” but aren’t quite sure where to start? A Career Break Boot Camp may be exactly what you need to both inspire you to get out and see the world for an extended time and give you the resources you need to do it smartly.
  • And then once you get yourself properly pumped up to take a long trip on a break from your career, you’ll want to spread the word to friends and family on your next birthday or Christmas so they know you’ve got these gifts for extended travel on your must-have list.

photo by Art Poskanzer