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Grand Hyatt iTASTE and Virtual Menu

Grand Hyatt DFW has introduced two interesting new programs with iTASTE and The Virtual Menu. “Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, guests may enjoy a guided cheese, chocolate or wine tasting with the iTASTE program or make entrée selections and receive recommendations on food and wine pairings from The Virtual Menu.” The new programs are available exclusively at The Grand Hyatt DFW, the first in the hospitality industry to use this type of technology to enhance the guest experience.

“The iTASTE and The Virtual Menu programs are part of our ongoing effort to provide guests with an experience that is unlike any other,” said Michael Stephens, general manager for the Grand Hyatt DFW. “We are constantly looking for new ways to utilize the latest technology in order to provide our guests with services they cannot find at any other hotel. These ongoing efforts have established the Grand Hyatt DFW as a leader in the hospitality industry.”

How does it work? iTASTE takes a short half-hour of your time, and tastes all the sweeter if your employer foots the bill. For $25, you can check out an iPod containing a video podcast that guides you through a cheese, wine or chocolate tasting. Mmmm. The program is available at the Grand Hyatt’s MOKA, the Epicurean Boutique/Über Coffee Bar located on the lobby level. What a way to kill a little time!

The Virtual Menu is available for guests dining in the Grand Met. With The Virtual Menu, guests can “bring the artistry of each kitchen creation to their table before ever placing an order.” You are provided a touch screen monitor with detailed menu item descriptions and chef recommendations for food and wine pairings. Wine amateurs and aficionados can choose the perfect wine for the occasion by accessing The Virtual Menu’s wine list with taster’s notes and scores. That sounds fun. According the press release, The Virtual Menu does not replace the superior personal service provided by the Grand Met’s wait staff. I was curious about that. It kinda sounds like they cant get qualified wait staff so they slap a computer in front of you. But you still do get real live service. After the virtual tour, you place an order with your waiter, who is supposed to make further recommendations and answer questions.