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Starwood Hotels will Auction Superbowl XLI Packages for Points

If you frequent Starwood Hotels and you’ve racked up loads of Starwood Preferred Guest points by your incessant business travel, this could be your lucky day. Starwood is auctioning off 4 Super Bowl packages for Super Bowl XLI in Miami, Florida on February 4, 2007. Each package includes the following: Two lower level seat tickets to the big game Four […]

Avis Car Rental has WiFi

Avis Rent a Car has announced they, in a partnership with Autonet Mobile, will offer Wi-Fi for the reasonable price of $10.95 per day high speed Internet service in its cars by March. The connection would be via a MOBILE hotspot, rather than parking in some sort of strange Wi-Fi drive in, which was what first came to mind when […]

Marriott Hotels are Getting Greener

Marriott Hotels has some exciting news for business travelers. If you’re looking for some incentive to stay at one particular hotel over the host of other choices, you may want to consider the environmental impact of the hotel. Marriott Properties has announced they have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 70,000 tons in one year. That’s a reduction of 2% per […]

Cingular Wireless International Roaming

Unlike many US based cellular companies, Cingular is on the GSM Network. That means Cingular customers can place and receive calls in 185 countries throughout the world. In addition, data services such as SMS text messaging are available in 120 countries. First, you need to determine if your phone in particular will work. Most recently purchased phones shouldn’t be a […]

Social Networking on the Road – Text Message Via License Plate with PL8Scan

There is a new social networking service on the loose called PL8Scan. This service allows users to sign up to receive text messages from other members via their license plate number. Now, this certainly isn’t my idea of a way to meet boys, but I think it has some FANTASTIC possibilities! I’m a bit of a road-rager, so I’m really […]

Pay by Phone Service in NYC with Near Field Technology

Cingular is testing a new-to-the-U.S. service in New York allowing customers to pay for everyday items using their cell phone with near field technology. Incidentally, we are WAY behind other parts of the world with this type of technology. It has been available in some European locations and Japan for several years already. How does it work? Using MasterCard’s PayPass […]

Travel Jobs: Chivas Life Ambassador for Chivas Regal Scotch Whiskey

This is the coolest travel job I’ve seen so far (closely followed by the Chief Beer Officer for Starwood Hotels). The Chivas Life Ambassadors are hired as a team of two to represent Chival Regal and “seek out extraordinary moments in inspiring locations.” The pair travels the world searching for The Chivas Life moments and events and reports their adventures […]

Hertz Rental Cars PlatePass Program – Allows Drivers to Use EZ Pass Lanes

Hertz Rental Cars is raising the bar for all rental agencies with the expansion of their new PlatePass system, following the successful launch in Houston and the New York metro area. PlatePass is an electronic toll payment system that allows renters to bypass back-ups at cash toll lanes, and go for the less crowded EZ Pass lanes. Hertz is expanding […]

Airport Security – Carry On Rules and Regulations for the US and Abroad

Most of us have had to deal with the trials and tribulations of the TSA rules, including the liquid ban. Rules vary based on country visited, so be sure you pack according to destination. The following guidelines are for traveling from or connecting through the listed country. Unless otherwise specified below, liquids must be packed in checked baggage. In all […]