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Heritage Hotels New Green Policy

Heritage Hotels & Resorts is a chain of hotels found throughout Arizona and New Mexico. The chain just announced a spanking new “Going Green” environmental program to be put in to place in its various independent hotels. Each of the member hotels is “collectively participating in several levels of environmentally safe practices.” We like businesses who show a little environmental initiative, even if they aren’t nation wide mega-chains. And the hotel’s guests couldn’t be happier.

We’re pleased with the comments we’ve received from our guests who tell us they will be back to stay with us because as a company we care about the environment. Being in the hotel industry we must be ecologically conscious of how we operate our business. We have a huge opportunity and obligation to do our part to conserve resources and educate our guests and employees.

What are they up to?

  • All new corporate and hotel marketing collateral printed on FSC recycled or Green Seal Certified paper with soy-based ink
  • Use of cotton towels which helps the air quality in guestrooms
  • Offering guests the option to re-use towels and linens to help reduce laundry detergent and water use
  • The use of environmentally safe or non-toxic cleaning agents and chemicals
  • All usable hotel items such as linens, towels, furniture, drapes, appliances and bedspreads are donated to local non-profit organizations during renovations, thus reducing the landfills
  • The use of durable eco-friendly non-disposable dishes, cups, glasses, mugs, tableware and plates
  • Xeriscape and artificial turf landscaping at some or all of our hotels helps us to conserve water usage
  • Any new administrative equipment such as laptops, computers, printers and scanners is replaced by Energy Star rated equipment
  • Non-smoking Guestrooms in all hotels
  • Waste recycling programs
  • LED exterior lighting where possible
  • The inclusion of locally grown seasonal foods for restaurants
  • The use of low-flow bathroom fixtures to assist in conserving water at many hotels
  • The morning newspaper is offered upon request, thus reducing the amount of paper discarded each day
  • The use of biodegradable Green Earth Key cards for entry into guestrooms

Way to go, guys.