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Hertz 369 Half Day Car Rentals in Europe

Hertz, the mega rental car company, is now offering a fabulous new option for European travelers. As of now, Hertz customers in Europe have the option to rent a vehicle for a half day with the new Hertz 369 program. They always get better stuff in Europe first.

With this new program, customers have the option to rent a car for three, six or nine hours. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve rented a car for a full 24 hours for a meeting or some other short trip, just to return it to the airport WAY early.

The company conducted a survey, in which 61% of travelers responded they would be more likely to rent a car if they weren’t required to pay for a full 24 hours. I agree. I always opt for public transportation on shorter trips for that very reason.

Hertz 369 is available at more than 1,200 locations throughout Europe, including airport locations. You can opt for shorter rentals in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Thank goodness, I’d hate to pay extra for anything in the UK as expensive as it is these days.

The real kicker of the new deal is that customers can now pick up and drop off cars at different locations without an extra charge. If you’re in a place such as London, the train tickets to London Gatwick airport are ridiculously expensive. If you’re traveling with colleagues, you may be able to pack yourselves and your bags in to a three hour rental at a much better rate.

I really, really hope rental car companies follow suit. Hertz does offer hourly rental cars now in New York City.

Via Upgrade: Travel Better.