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Hichsters Airport Ride Sharing is a company in the business of providing ride sharing for people arriving in some of our nations larger airports, and one heck of a great idea. The application started in New York (of course), but has now expanded its service to include the San Francisco Bay area airports. How is this any different than a regular airport shuttle? Because Hitchsters connects you with other TAXI riders (or car service riders) who are taking the same flight as you. You don’t have to worry about waiting on the van to make its periodic rounds because you and the other passenger(s) are going on the same flight.

New York Airports: LaGuardia, Newark Liberty International and JFK.
San Francisco Airports: Includes Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco International airports.

Hitchsters provides service for those traveling both to and from the airport and it’s a piece of cake. You’ll create an account, enter your trip itinerary and choose or add a location. Once you’re matched with a fellow passenger, you’ll receive an email and text message with the person’s first name and cell number. A partnering car service calls each party to arrange the ride.

If you are sharing a ride to the airport, then you will only be matched with someone else who is leaving from your area to go to the same airport. If you are sharing a ride from the airport, you will only be matched with someone who is on the same flight (no worries about late flights) and going to the same area you are.

Interestingly, you can choose a gender preference for your fellow passenger and Hitchster saves the information of the “successful” matches for security reasons.

I can see this service easily expanding to all of the larger cities of the United States where public transportation is common.

Via Lifehacker