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Hilton HHonors

I’m really not a fan of Hilton’s HHonors Program, but it seems to work well for some people. Why don’t I like it? You can’t get 100% mileage rewards for your stay. Never. The best you can do is ‘double dip,’ which means you earn a combination of miles and points. At most hotels, this adds up to only 1 mile per dollar spent.

In addition, HHonors does not offer the frequent promotions my favorite hotel partner, Intercontinental Hotel Group, does including things such as 500 bonus miles for every 2 nights stay.

Of-course you want your main hotel partner to work with your main airline. Check with Northwest, American, Southwest, Continental, Delta or United Airlines.

In the end, choosing your hotel partner depends on what you want. If your goal is to accumulate enough points and miles to stay at some Hilton resort on the beach, then this program is SUPER. But if you’re like me and you covet airline miles so you can do some adventure travel in AMAZING destinations and spend your time at budget accommodations, then you may want to go with a different chain.