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How to Buy Lottery Tickets Like a Local

Want to play the lottery while you travel but you don’t know your Big Game from your Powerball? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. If the state isn’t listed, they don’t have the lottery. If it’s that important to you to play the lottery, do go there.

Following is a list of the big game, and only the big game, in each state. Most places you can just ask for Powerball and they know what you mean. You can’t just ask for a lottery ticket because most have a Pick 3, Pick 5 and several others. Best of luck, and if you win I expect a cut.

Arizona – Powerball
California – Mega Millions
Colorado – Powerball
D.C. – Powerball
Delaware – Powerball
Florida – Lotto
Georgia – Mega Millions
Idaho – Powerball
Illinois – Mega Millions
Iowa – Powerball
Kansas – Powerball
Kentucky – Powerball
Louisiana – Powerball
Maine – Powerball
Maryland – Mega Millions
Massachusetts – Mega Millions
Michigan – Mega Millions
Minnesota – Powerball
Missouri – Powerball
Montana – Powerball
Nebraska – Powerball
New Hampshire – Powerball
New Jersey – Mega Millions
New Mexico – Powerball
New York – Mega Millions
Ohio – Mega Millions
Oregon – Powerball
Pennsylvania – Powerball
Rhode Island – Powerball
South Carolina – Powerball
South Dakota – Powerball
Tennessee – Powerball
Texas – Mega Millions
Vermont – Powerball
Virginia – Mega Millions
Washington – Mega Millions
West Virginia – Powerball
Wisconsin – Powerball