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How to Start Packing (Your Suitcase, Not a Weapon)

If you read 20 “Packing Tips” from 20 sources, they will all tell you to take travel size products. That’s great if you’re an occasional traveler who will just be gone for a few days, but if you travel frequently that little system will add up to a whole lot of trips to Walgreens.

Get two of everything. I got so tired of unpacking my bags every weekend, just to repack them the following week, I decided to get two of everything. One for home and one for the luggage. That way I didn’t have to worry about forgetting to pack my shampoo or my toothbrush, which happened way more often than it should have. It’s great that hotels offer the necessities, but it’s way better to have your own stuff. It also takes some time off your packing checklist, which is also recommended by the 20 sources. I’ve never actually made a checklist. Sales people aren’t anal enough to do that kind of stuff.

Ladies, Clinique Bonus Time is your friend. Besides the fact you’re saving some cash by getting the free products, they have great smaller sizes of lots of products. I know I said get two of everything, but makeup is expensive. You can get a full size lipstick and extra eye shadow at bonus time to keep in the luggage. And they put it all in a handy bag.