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Hurricane Katrina Self Guided Audio Tour


Travelers to the great city of New Orleans who have been away for a while or who have never seen the city before generally have a few common goals. Seeing Rue de Bourbon and now seeing the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. I made my way to the Crescent City for Jazz Fest about 8 months after the disaster, and was awed by the ravages of the city. New Orleans has certainly progressed in the last two years, but it is a city changed forever. Travelers now have the option of taking a self-guided audio tour of the areas hit hardest by the storm. A perfect option for business travelers who want to understand what happened, but generally have to work during normal tour hours. Do keep in mind that some of the areas covered are VERY economically challenged and may not be a great place to walk around or run out of gas.

The audio tour offers a two CD set, with tours lasting one to two hours up to four hours. Offered by Tours BaYou (clever), the tours are narrated by New Orleans residents and features stories told by the survivors of the storm. In addition, the tour explains the science underlying coastal erosion and restoration, and provides “local tales of heroism and help.”

The tour guides visitors through places including the Lower Ninth Ward, Gentilly, Lakeview (where I visited), the Musicians Village and the five major levee breaks, sharing their stories at these sites.

Narrators include musician Charmaine Neville; Women of the Storm founder, Anne Milling; and King Milling, chairman of the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Coastal Restoration.

The two disc CD is entitled “Hurricane Katrina: Devastation & Progress and Her Lessons for Us All” covers 50 miles. It is available for purchase or download at as well as stores throughout the New Orleans area. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit organizations that are working to rebuild New Orleans.