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privatejetMore business travelers are opting for private jet travel these days than ever, despite the environmental impact of such behavior. Even if it isn’t the best thing going for mother Earth, private jet providers are making it cheaper and easier than ever to book travel.

How are they doing this? By offering “empty leg” segments at hugely discounted prices. Empty legs are created when the company has to get the jet from “Point A” to “Point B” to service customers. The plane is going anyway, so they offer the flight to passengers at a discount rate in something of a “something is better than nothing” philosophy. It makes great sense. If the plane if flying anyway, why not get some passengers onboard to help defer the fuel costs.

Virgin Charter is offering a members-only online marketplace for selling, purchasing and booking charter flights on private aircraft.

MarquisJet is offering access to the NetJets fleet, with prepaid cards for 25 hours of occupied flight time.

Business JetSEATS offers customers unused seats on charter flights.




JumpJet is offering private jets on a time-share basis.

JetCombo provides a service in which passengers fly a combination of private jets and commercial aircraft to get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

JetOne is offering an American Express card to make your travel purchases. But I’ve received more negative comments about this company than any other post in the history of the Business Travel Logue, so I’d be careful if you plan on doing business with them.

Meridian Air is based in Teterboro, New Jersey (not to far from yours truly) promises great prices and worldwide service.

There you have it. Booking private jet or charter air travel these days is easier than pie. If you’re traveling with your own baseball team or you need a whole plane to yourself for some other reason, there is no reason you couldn’t make it happen.

photo by scot_w_9

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