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Internationl Cell Phone Airport Vending Machines

Automated Vending Technologies has created an interesting new product vending that will dispense pre-activated cellular phones at international airports throughout the United States. I’m envisioning them being pretty similar to the iPod vending machines that have popped up in airports over the last year or so. The new machine is being built in agreement with 011 Mobile, which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The proprietary technologies developed exclusively by Automated Vending Technologies allows for this breakthrough improvement,” said James Winsor, the Company’s Director of Engineering and Manufacturing. “The extensive capabilities inherent in our RAM 4000 vending system makes it a technologically advanced, diverse, dispensing center, which is a first in our industry.”

I don’t know anything about vending technology, but I do know that having a pre-paid international cell phone would be a big bonus for the occasional business traveler from abroad. The phones will be geared to international travelers arriving in the United States who need to get on the horn right away. The phones will be connected and charged, so travelers can purchase the phone with a credit card and start talking.

If you want to be one of the first to get in on the action, the phones will make their first appearance at the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. By the end of 2007, the company plans to have machines in place at 60 or more airports. Five different types of phones will be available with this service.