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JetBlue Issues Passenger Bill of Rights

JetBlueJetBlue, after a VERY lenghty delay last week, has issued a “Passenger Bill of Rights” for travelers. Really, I’m only posting this because people seem to want to know. To be honest, a majority of US carriers have had internal guidelines in place for some time to determine procedures in an extended delay. I’m sure after all of the hooplah over the last few weeks, the remainder of carriers are implementing new guidelines.

A passenger Bill of Rights. While you’re at it, why don’t you lobby for your right to more leg room or right to receive peanuts instead of pretzels. Do you want a Bill of Rights for the trolley, too?

Yes, it sucks being stuck for hours on an aircraft, but is that really any different than being stuck for hours in a traffic jam? I’m not saying 8 to 10 hours isn’t excessive, but I hope that people understand this sort of delay is a very rare occurrence. It just gets a lot of press like a snowstorm in the south or the Devil Rays winning a game.

PS – Is anyone else out there SUPER excited that spring training has started!?