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JetCombo Combines Private and Commercial Jet Travel

JetCombo is a brand new service that promises airline passengers a new way to fly, making good use of the 18,315 airports found around the United States that are seldom used. According to this company, the problem with airline travel today is that 70% of the airline travel in the United States is conducted through a scant 30 airport. Thirty airports for all of those tens of thousands of passengers each day. No wonder there are traffic problems out the yin yang. This new service plans to make things faster and more efficient by combining private and commercial jet service. Intriguing, huh?

According to the press release, introduces a revolutionary and seamless way to fly that minimizes the travails of air travel and maximizes efficiency. With the use of new technologies, taps into the broadest selection of private and commercial air-transportation services, allowing users to combine both for the optimal travel experience.

JetCombo maintains sending 450 million airline passengers each year through 30 airports is the root of the delays. The company aims to redistribute air traffic to take advantage of all those 5,400 underused airports. The press release makes the claim that 98% of Americans live within 20 miles of an airport. Sounds feasible, there is a private airport about 2 miles from my house that’s only used for smaller aircraft.

JetCombo uses a database of aircrafts and operators to get the job done, including small jets and prop planes that are capable of serving rural areas with tiny airports. With this service, you may fly part of your trip on a private jet and the rest on a regular commercial jet. To book your itinerary, enter the city name of your true departure and destination points, and delivers the most efficient route.

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of using such a service, and you should be, you can find out the damage. JetCombo is the only online booking service to display the carbon emissions for every flight and they’ll allow you to purchase carbon credits to make their your flight “carbon neutral,” if you believe in such things. also offers users the option to offset the unavoidable emissions caused by their flights by contributing to projects that reduce an equivalent amount of pollution.

Interesting concept, though I’m sure it isn’t for the budget conscious.