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Just In Case Medical Record Software

Medical CartoonJust In Case is a program to which individuals can store their medical information. In the event of an emergency, the information can be accessed by medical providers for use in treatment. Access rights are pre-determined by the individual.

This is one of those things like travel insurance that doesn’t sound like much – until you have some sort of incident. Imagine being hemophiliac or having some sort of allergy. Sure, you probably have a medic alert bracelet. But what if you were robbed, the bracelet was stolen (because it’s shiny and available) and you suffered several cuts. I was robbed of everything in a taxi in Peru. I had cuts on my arm and face from the glass. Lucky for me, I’m not hemophiliac. But what if I was?

The above product retails for $69.95. Surely you can expense that, considering the pros and cons of potential injury on frequent business travel. You can leave a copy with your family and office “just in case” you need it to be sent to the clinic or hospital.

P.S. Sorry for the scare tactics. 🙂