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Karaoke in a Singapore Taxi

KaraokeI like to take every opportunity to sing karaoke, so I can’t think of a better deal than the Karaoke Cab in Singapore. I sing at the top of my lungs in my car (who doesn’t?), so why wouldn’t I want the opportunity to sing in a BMW taxi? What a great opportunity to entertain 3 out of town clients! Rolling in the beamer, singing You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling or old Debbie Gibson songs. I’m pretty sure I could land most any account with about $70.00 (two hours) in the karaoke cab.

Unfortunately for my, I HAVE to be…inebriated to get in on the karaoke action and I’m WAY to chicken to do so in Singapore. When I wake up in a strange place (again) and have to figure out where I am, I DO NOT want it to be the Singapore jail. But that’s me.

I wonder if he’d do a Paradise by the Dashboard Lights duet with me?

Via Gridskipper.