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Kudzu Country: From Columbus, Georgia to Providence Canyon

Kudzu CountryI like Kudzu. I doubt that I felt the same way when I lived in Columbus, Georgia, nine long years ago. It’s really hard to believe that I spent three years of my life there. But it’s over now and I’m back home where things are normal.

Columbus, Georgia. That’s the stop for the night. I remeber living here, but I don’t really REMEMBER it. Know what I mean? The biggest change to the town, as far as I could tell, was that my old vet’s office is now a Mexican restaurant. AFLAC is still there, along with my old college and the riverwalk.

Providence CanyonAfter work I made the short trip to Providence Canyon State Park, near Lumpkin, Georgia. If you ever get a few extra hours in southwest Georgia, you’ve got to see this place. This place made enough of an impression on me that I HAD to go back while in town. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have made the nine hour drive from Little Rock just for this canyon, but an hour drive from Columbus is well worth it. It is absolutely GORGEOUS.

Those who think of the Grand Canyon as ‘a big hole in the ground’ probably won’t be as impressed with Providence as I am. But I’m grateful to have seen this place again.