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LAN Airlines Ticket Giveaway

LAN Airlines, the airline behemoth of South America, is offering a great interactive promotion in which you can win FIVE roundtrip tickets to any place LAN flies in South America. This is promotion is in celebration of 50 years of service, which is quite a history for an airline carrier.

How does this “interactive promotion” work? You visit the website where you can create a vintage LAN Airlines postcard with a photo and a message. You forward your postcard along to everyone in your address book (the more people you spam with this card, the better your chance to win) and you wait. So I guess you get one entry for each address entered. On December 19, 2008, one lucky winner will be chosen to receive the tickets.

Pablo Yunis, Vice President of North/Central America and the Caribbean, LAN Airlines, commented, “The
50th Anniversary is a yearlong celebration for us. This online promotion is a fun and interactive tool designed to engage consumers and encourage them to think of LAN when planning to travel to South America.” He went on to add, “LAN has strived to redefine the standard of air travel in South
America and we pride ourselves in our service, quality and commitment to the best travel experience and it is our goal to introduce more travelers through this exciting promotion.”

I’ve flown on LAN Peru, though this promotion is offered by LAN Chile. It was all in all a good experience.