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Lightwedge Original Book Light


The Lightwedge Original book light is a handy tool for frequent travelers who love to read (like me). Sometimes the lighting in planes and trains isn’t stellar, and you need a little something to light your way. The nice people at Great Point Lighting, the maker of the product, recently sent me a unit to test (in pink!) and I really enjoyed it. The Lightwedge Original is a little different than any other book light I’ve used. It is a clear acrylic lens you lay over the page, which spreads light evenly throughout the surface. It works great and doesn’t have that dark spot in the middle like a traditional bulb (you know the one I mean).

The Lightwedge does not hold itself in place, which is my only gripe about the product. You have to physically keep it in place yourself, rather than have some sort of clip to keep it where it needs to be. Not to shabby, since you’d have to hold the book open anyway. For people like me, by that I mean people who can’t even keep a pair of sunglasses for more than 2 months without them being horribly scratched up, it might be a challenge keeping the screen in good shape. Since you’re reading THROUGH the lens, scratches could be a serious problem for your viewing. Just be sure to store it someplace decent – not in the same suitcase pocket as your rocks or fingernail file or whatever scratchy things you tote around.

The Lightwedge runs off of four AAA batteries, which are super easy to install. To comes on with the flip of a switch and promises to last 40 reading hours on those batteries. I didn’t have a chance to test that part out, as I’m not sure how old the batteries are I’m using to test the light.

You may purchase a Lightwedge at major retailers including Barnes & Noble, Borders, Target, Wal-Mart Optical and Office Depot. If none of those are available (which seems pretty much impossible in the U.S.), you can get one directly from the website at