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Looking for Tennessee: Harveys Restaurant in Columbus, Mississippi

Earlier tonight, I went in search of Tennessee Williams.

He’s not here. But he’s from here. Here being Columbus, Mississippi. There is a brown sign on Interstate 82 from Starkville telling you to take the Main Street exit. You probably know the brown signs, they are all over the U.S. at points of interest.

Unfortunately, the Tennessee trail runs cold at that point. However, in my search for Tennessee, I did find Harvey’s.

Harvey’s is a local ‘casual fine dining’ establishment that serves a mean tuna steak. Seriously, it ranks in my top five tuna steaks of all time.

The best, by the way, was at the Gulfstream Steakhouse in the Garden District of New Orleans. This was Post-Katrina (Jazz Fest) tuna, so the getting is still good.

This was not a medium-rare sushi grade ahi, but the marinade was excellent. If you find yourself in Columbus, Mississippi, go give Harvey’s a try.