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Lost Luggage Horror Story Contest

Meet the ParentsZero Halliburton, a luggage company, is running a contest for the remainder of December for the best lost luggage horror story. Whether the airline has lost your luggage forever (like the stuff that goes to Unclaimed Baggage in Alabama) or damaged your stuff or if you’ve accidentally swapped with another traveler (like Meet the Parents), you can submit your story of 200 words or less.

Business travelers fly much more than the average joe, so I just know one of you is going to come up with a WHOPPER of a story and win the big prize. What do you get for your efforts?

  • Grand Prize (one awarded): $1,500 travel voucher
  • First Prize (ten awarded) choice of Zero Halliburton 22″ nylon expandable carry-on
    roller luggage piece or Zero Halliburton 4″ classic aluminum attaché.

Submit your story online at Who knows? Maybe your next trip will be for fun AND for free.