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Luggage Shipping Saves You Time at the Airport

ShippingWith TSA bans and longer security lines made even more tiresome by increased holiday travel, you may want to consider shipping your luggage ahead of time. Your bags can be picked up at your front door or office and delivered directly to your hotel, for a price. You do of-course need enough advance notice to get your bags there in time. If you’re jetting of the day after your trip is planned, I would go ahead and check the bags.

The advantages of luggage shipping? First of all, your bags are much less likely to be lost than they are if you check them at the airport. With the recently added TSA liquid bans, banning any liquid container in excess of 3 oz., many more flyers are required to check baggage than in the past. I know I always valet checked my carry-on and carried on my laptop before the new rules went in to effect.

Second, luggage weight limits are not observed with shipping ahead. If you’re planning on an extended trip, the airline luggage weight limits may not accommodate the amount of personal items and equipment you need for your trip.

Finally, you don’t have to drag the stuff through the airport yourself. I know I’ve made a spectacle of myself on longer trips trying to maneuver a large suitcase, laptop bag and purse through baggage claim to my rental.

Who do you call?

Luggage Concierge:

Luggage Free:

Luggage Forward:

Also keep in mind services that perform 1/2 of the deal, such as letting you check in to your flight and checking bags from the airport.