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Lunchn Helps You Decide on Lunch Meeting Locations

Lunchn, who I first read about on Lifehacker, is a new application made for those of you trying to pick a spot for lunch. I wish I would have had such a tool when I was in sales and frequently “doing lunch” with my clients around the country. At least that would have given me some indication on what to plan for my clients.

Why Lunchn? If you didn’t get enough of voting in the last election, this should be super fun for you. You and your people can login and add your favorite places to eat and then vote on the location of your next lunch. Your Lunchn friends can be added to groups, which is handy when you’re dealing with several different offices. Your “picks” can be specified to a certain group so that you aren’t suggesting a steak joint in Jackson, Tennessee to your clients in Schaumburg, Illinois. Beautiful!

Get lost easily? Me too, I even admitted it in Forbes. Either get yourself a GPS system, or use Lunchn’s included Google Map.