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Mail Safe Express at O’Hare Lets Airline Passengers Mail or Store Banned Liquids

T FileSo you tried to sneak your liquid banned new bottle of Bliss Natura Bisse Natura Bisse Inhibit Tensolift lotion through airport security and you got busted. What do you do now? At $675 a bottle, you obviously aren’t just going to give up and eat the cost. Well, if you’re at Chicago O’Hare you’re in luck. Those saints at O’Hare have decided to establish a new program offering airline passengers an alternative to the “T” file.

In a 60-day pilot program that started last Monday, passengers can either mail the items or have them sent for storage to the Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport. This program was initiated in an attempt to pacify passengers who would otherwise have to give up their expensive products.

Okay, the O’Hare staff are saints for making this happen, but they aren’t stupid. They’re going to make a little something, something off of the shipping. In order to use Mail Safe, security officers must escort interested passengers to a touch-screen kiosk where they can arrange to have items mailed to an address or sent to the Hilton in a bubble-wrap envelope. Hilton storage will cost $9.99. Otherwise, liquids can be mailed to any address for a $14 flat fee in the US or $25 flat fee internationally. Larger items, such as bottles, carry a shipping cost of between $10 and $45. The kiosks only take credit cards.

Apparently LaGuardia and Houston International are offering similar programs.

I hope they’ll institute the new liquid detecting x-ray machines soon, but in the meantime this is a nice alternative.

Via USA Today.